The woman who killed the children and hid the bodies in the suitcase was arrested

Seoul: A woman who killed children in Auckland, New Zealand and hid their bodies in a suitcase has been arrested in South Korea.

According to international media, a 42-year-old woman of Korean origin, a citizen of New Zealand, fled to South Korea after killing children in 2018.

New Zealand police arrested the suspect in the Korean city of Ulsan with the help of Interpol and local police, investigators say, after the bodies were discovered in August.

The investigation team says that with the help of the evidence found from the bodies, access to the killer was possible. After the identification of the children during the investigation, the woman was arrested from the flat with the help of the Korean police. Not disclosed.

According to the research done so far, the children’s father was a cancer patient and died of this disease a few years ago, but the children’s grandparents are in New Zealand.

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