The virus strains the United States, medical care collapses and collapses-

  Virus Strains

The Delta strain continues to spread, and the Omick strain continues to spread, and the outbreak of the U.S. near-park strain is suspended

The US “Washington Post” reported on the 18th that on the 17th, there were many new track cases in many regions and regions across the United States. The two strains of different strains appeared in the United States.

According to statistics gradually, there were cases in 19 states and regions in 7 days Nanli in Macau on the 17th. With the growth of the SAR, Connecticut increased by 39%, neighboring states increased by 24%, 15%, and Illinois appeared in Carolina, Georgia, and Georgia with %10%.

Virus Strains

In the case of the Delta strain, the Okeron strain also continues to spread.Known to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 45 states and territories have reported the Omijon strain, the Omijon strain, and the Omiikwas strain became dominant at the time. The mental strain of the future is likely to become the already angry U.S. system system system tends to national health

National Academy of Research Institute Tianyuan·Kolin Palace: Obviously, the concentration of the Omiron virus strain is high every 2 to 4 days. As the population of the United States doubles, the United States adds tens of thousands every day, and there will be 100 Ten thousand cases of Oak Rong strain.

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