The university professor hid ڈالر 50 in the locker and added a hint to the syllabus

A University of Tennessee professor placed ڈالر 50 in a university locker and hinted at it in the lesson, but no one was able to reach that amount. Photo: CNN

Tennessee: An American professor has lured students with money as an incentive to study well, but this amount can only be reached if the curriculum is well studied.

Kenyon Wilson of the University of Tennessee kept a 50 50 note in a locker as a reward. At one point in the syllabus, something like this was indicated.

“Whoever gets it first will have it. Locker number 147 and its combination is 15, 25 and 35. But the interesting thing is that no student could get it because no one took the syllabus seriously. Because at the end of the semester, when the professor opened the locker, there was a 50 50 note.

Professor Canyon said that children are not interested in reading the curriculum and subjects and move fast. There were 71 students in his class but no one earned money by reading the article. However, the professor had said on the first day of the class that the curriculum had changed and that it was important to read the whole text carefully.

Professor Kenyon was asked in the locker with a congratulatory message under the money to take the money and write his name and date so that it could be confirmed. But none of the students got the prize.

However, he said that his students do read but they do not bother to read word for word. That is why they have been deprived of this money.

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