The squirrel, intent on feeding the birds, got into big trouble

A squirrel trapped in a cage for birds to eat

England: The squirrel that came to eat the birds got trapped in the cage itself.

An emergency call came to Ruth Thomas Coxon, an officer at the animal welfare agency RSPCA. When they get there, they see a squirrel trapped in a small bird cage in the yard.

When it was found out that the squirrels had come to eat the food of the birds and greed took them to the narrow cage. They entered as if they were three but could not get out.

However, Ruth pulled out a tool to cut the wire and cut the steel cage of the cage to free the squirrel. Ruth said the good thing about McCain was that she took care of the cage every day. If that didn’t happen, the squirrel would be in pain for a long time.

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