The spider disrupted the news conference of the Australian Minister of Health

Health Minister removing the spider on the right hand [فائل-فوٹو]

Queensland: Australian Health Minister Yuvet de Ath Coronavirus was addressing a news conference when a large spider began to crawl on his feet and drew his attention to it.

Yuvet Corona was appealing to businesses for help with new vaccine policies when a bystander drew her attention to a large spider walking on her feet.

The representative who spoke to the Minister of Health in sign language also stepped back when he saw the spider. Yuvet told nearby officials that someone would remove it from me. Chief Health Officer John Gerrard tried to get the spider out of the papers but the spider disappeared.

Addressing the audience, Yuvet said, “You can see that even on this occasion, I have overcome myself.” However, if a spider comes close to my face, let me know. The Health Minister continued his news conference.

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