The scariest movie in history, based on the life of a NASA engineer

Picture of Ronald Edwin Hinkler on the left

The most terrifying and still haunting film in cinema history, ‘The Exorcist’ is based on the horrors and traumatic events that befell a NASA engineer.

Ronald Edwin Hinckler is listed in history as the inventor of the spacecraft’s heat-resistant structure, but Ronald’s other reason for fame is The Exorcist, a film based on the horrific tragedy that befell him at a young age.

Very few people know that Ronald Edwin was harmed at a young age and that was the part of his life that Ronald himself kept silent for 40 years.

The characters in the film are said to have been inspired by Roland Doe and Robin Mannham, a variant of Ronald Edwin Hinkler’s name. And this lie continued for decades. Ronald himself, as mentioned above, worked at NASA for 40 years, during which time he feared that this secret of his past might be revealed.

This aspect of Ronald’s life was known only to those who lived with the priests who had healed Ronald.

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