The Prime Minister will inaugurate the Karachi Green Line today

After a two-week trial operation, the commercial operation will be launched on December 25.

Karachi: Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate Karachi’s first modern transport system Green Line project today.

The commercial operation will be launched on December 25 after a trial operation of about two weeks. The number of green buses coming to Karachi is 80.

Green buses more modern than Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar buses

According to the company providing buses for the Karachi Green Line project, Karachi buses are the most modern compared to those operating in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. These buses are Euro 3 standard and hybrid, with diesel in them. Automatic charging batteries will also be used which will save fuel as well as benefit the environment. The buses are equipped with a special system which will automatically put out the fire in case of engine fire.

The 18 meter long buses have 40 seats. 150 people will be able to travel standing and on the seats at the same time, in case of heavy rush there will be capacity of 190 passengers. The buses have special seats for the disabled and automatic ramps are installed. Each bus has space for two wheelchairs.

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