The Marseille Olympics, the fatal arm for the match on Tinder in 2021

In 2021, the Marseille Olympics is the club’s top city with the Tinder profile profiles. (© Illustration / Lorraine Actu)

Eh oui, mention a football player on Tinder’s biography, it can come! The application to find a public report on the habitats of its users, and l’Olympique de Marseille This is one of the most mentioned clubs in the biographies.

The Marseilles seemingly happy to learn that they are more noble than the Parisians, the Monégasques, the Lyonnais or the encore that the Stéphanois à arborer leur amour du mailot sur leur profil Tinder.

Personalities with more citations, séries with more views

The application to reconcile dresses aggregates the personal names of the most mentioned in the bios utilizers: Emmanuel Macron, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Zinnadine Zidane and Elon Musk. We don’t ask for anything.

Also the most beautiful citations: You, The Office, Peaky Blinders, American Horror Story et Game of Thrones.

With couples, we want our advice to be more convenient à Marseille: Better a friend in your love of love, not a friend à don’t give up on your visit to the President of the Republic, You. This technique does not provide a guarantee of% 100%.

How many articles did you use? Sachez que vous pouvez suivre Actu Marseille dans l’espace Mon Actu. On a click, sign up, you and retrouverz all your activity and your favorite brands.

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