The long train journey of two kilometers to Switzerland began.

The world’s oldest rail, called Kaprun, has completed its first journey in Sørland, a two-kilometer long train? Photo: CNN

Switzerland: What did Swirland do to surprise the whole world for one hundred and seventy-five years?

About 1910 meters long, this 100-car electric train was held on the 175th anniversary of the country’s National Railways and was hailed as the world’s longest train.

Named Capricorn, it will have a gross weight of 2990 tonnes and will carry 25 trains. When it is taken from a certain space point, the bill looks like a red snake on the way. There are a lot of people there.

On the occasion of its inauguration, the Pratrain was run for 25 km where it went up to 1788 meters above sea level and from there it was taken through diagonal routes at a surprising Anggiyur, which consists of 22 tunnels and 48 small tunnels.

But running a long train is not an easy task for you but with a little innovation the entire system can be done. You are the reason why the speed control system went out of business in Derby, we work for you.

The first test failed because there were seven drivers and a brake match occurred due to a communication error between them.

After that, the phone for immediate communication was called S18 and 21 experts were put in the train. Why did I talk about 35?

Then special cables and systems were installed to control the train’s kinetic and mechanical systems. At first, three hundred people traveled in it and ate and drank comfortably.

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