The London Court of International Arbitration awarded Sui Bei 190 billion rupees in damages

The International Court of Arbitration in London imposed another fine on Pakistan.

The London court imposed a fine of 190 billion rupees on the Pakistani company Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL).

The case was filed against Sui Northern by the National Parks Management Company, which operates two 1,200 MW gas-fired power plants in Haveli Bahadur Shah Jhang and Bloki.

Sui Beibei has sent invoices worth 10 billion rupees to two power plants in 2018. When the matter was submitted to the Supreme Court, the ruling was in favor of Sui Bei.

The National Park Management Corporation subsequently contacted the International Court of Arbitration in London, where it imposed another damages against Pakistan.

A spokesperson for Sui Bei said that OGRA will handle the matter.

You may remember that earlier, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) lost the property recovery company Broadsheet in the London International Settlement Court, so NAB now has to pay billions of rupees.

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