The library cart is back, back-

  Provide free for hundreds of children on the street every day

  The library cart is back

We hope to provide space for us and our space when they grow up and will choose not to live with.

12 on the day of the month. Sui Sui Sui. . . age. . . . age. . . Book it! “

Has moved since immigrating to the Taliban

  New knowledge

On February 26, 2018, a 26-year-old young woman, Fresta, became a fan of “Four Four Walnuts” and circulated this

The Rainbow Shuttle Bus provides free, five missing cars to hundreds of children on the streets of Kabul, in schools, parks, and

The books in the school are very limited but here,. . . “Young Abbas like this

Zahra is also loyal to the library car. During a study, she told “I will come every week, and later…”

By August this year, the children’s pick-up service, sponsored by almost all four or four of them, will connect the “mobile car, car, walnut” and the city of the Ministry of Transport, by means of the flow of buses.

About Liming News TV, children in the mobile library, we have about 600 books, including Pashto, Dada, and English.

The teenager Husner said: The environment here is good and quiet in other places. The 7 7 7 7-year-old Ismail, who is studying, said: We are here and are painting.”

, Children,, the 22-year-old book Ramzia Abdul is very happy with his peers in the library, for

Fahria Osmani, member of the “Four Walnuts”: Let Zheng Zheng work hard for children

Kabul also welcomes the reopening of the mobile library. :This.

  Children literacy

The Foresta Karim School University of Books has been improving reading and storytelling——

, In becoming Pakistan, years, ,. . . After supporting the ashore education and career, he won a master’s degree at the Territory Education University of Fenlingling. Parked in Lim, this figure was only 36% in 2018

In 2017, the investigator of the Foundation’s 2017 investigation has received 4.6 years of formal education in public.Working in Kabul, he said that in addition to the textbook type

Said: The mobile car solves the middle and late stages of our education, and it is impossible to make it. .

Reporter Wang Jia

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