The last injured person in the Bipinglawat helicopter crash was also killed

Varun Singh is the instructor of the Indian Defence Service Staff College (DSSC): photo file

In the last helicopter crash of India’s Chief of the Defense Staff, General Biping Lavat, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the captain of the brigade Valensingh was also seriously injured.

According to the Indian Air Force, Battalion Captain Valen Singh was the last survivor of the helicopter crash, and he was the instructor of the Defense Service Staff College (DSSC).

According to the Indian Air Force, Warren Singh was receiving treatment at the Wellington Military Hospital, but died of his injuries.

Varun Singh won the Surya Chakra Award in 2020 on August 15 this year for rescuing a Tejas fighter in an air emergency.

It is worth mentioning that on December 8th, 13 people including General Biping Rawat and his wife, Chief of the General Staff of the Indian Ministry of Defense, were killed in a helicopter crash, while the captain of the team, Warren Singh, was seriously injured. , Is receiving treatment in the hospital.

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