The judge sent the United Leader to prison for insulting him

MQM leader Gulfraz Khattak Advocate [فائل-فوٹو]

­­­کراچی: Insulting the judge during the trial cost the MQM leader dearly. The judge also jailed Gulfraz Khattak for his harsh words.

According to Express News, anti-terrorism court No. 2 heard media house attacks, anti-national slogans and terrorism cases. Other accused, including MQM leaders, appeared at the hearing. During the hearing, a heated exchange took place between MQM leader Gulfraz Khattak and the esteemed judge and the judge summoned a contingent of police and Rangers.

The judge and the accused Gulfraz Khattak had exchanged bitter words during the cross-examination on the statement of the witness due to which the judge meanwhile canceled the bail of the accused Gulfraz Khattak.

The court ordered Gulfraz Khattak to submit a report after being transferred to jail. The court also issued production order for accused Gulfraz Khattak for January 3. After the hearing, Boat Basin police arrested MQM leader Gulfraz Khattak. The SHO of Boat Basin police station handcuffed Gulfraz Khattak and transferred him to jail in an armored vehicle.

It may be recalled that two cases of attack on media houses, anti-Pakistan slogans and terrorism against MQM leaders and workers are pending in the court.

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