The inflation rate reached 21.2 percent in September

Islamabad: During the last month (September 2022), a 1.2% decrease in the inflation rate has been recorded in the country, while the annual inflation rate has decreased to 23.2%.

In this regard, according to the monthly inflation report issued by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the rate of inflation in urban areas has been 21.2 percent and 26.1 percent in rural areas.

Earlier, inflation had reached 27.3 percent in August 2022. In the monthly report released by the Statistics Institute, it was stated that last month tomatoes became expensive by 34%, vegetables by 23%. According to the report, mung dal became expensive by 19.53%, potatoes by 17.43% in one month.

In addition, wheat became expensive by 15%, eggs by 14%, chicken by 13%. Last month, tea became expensive by 11 and a half percent, rice by 10 percent. The report further stated that cigarettes have become more expensive by 8%, dal chana by 6.90%, dal mash by 6%.

According to the report of the Federal Bureau of Statistics last month, ghee has become cheaper by 4.50%, onion by 4%, while lentils by 3%, cooking oil by 2% and sugar by almost 1%.

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