THE IMAGE. Éric Zemmour at the Louvre: the new work of James Colomina in Paris

On the night of Thursday December 16 to Friday December 17, 2021, the artist James Colomina installed a sculpture representing Eric Zemmour in the Louvre in Paris. (©James Colomina)

One year ago, James Colomina had challenged the public with a sculpture ofEmmanuel Macron, sitting in the middle of the tents of the homeless in Paris. The artist from Toulouse, returns with an equally political work: a statue of the candidate Eric Zemmour, to Louvre, on the banks of the Seine, installed without authorization on the night of Thursday 16 to Friday 17 December 2021.

“Zemmour, the surprise Christmas guest”

Back from Berlin, where he installed two sculptures on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the fall of the Wall, James Colomina tackles the capital. After Emmanuel Macron cross-legged, along the Canal Saint-Martin to denounce “the trivialization of the misery of the homeless”, his heart-catcher or even his child with the donkey’s cap nestled in an alcove of Pont-Marie, the street-artist recurrence with a statue representing Eric Zemmour.

Attifed with a Santa Claus hat, the presidential candidate – human size – is installed in a stone vase. “I chose this figure of French politics because he is at the center of the debate, at the heart of the news, because he is a bit the surprise guest of this end of the year”, exposes the artist at Paris news.

It is like in a box, lost in its large vase. We can also think of the box that contains a spring-loaded devil, the music box that puts a little tune in your head that is impossible to get out of your mind or even Pandora’s box.

James Colomina Artist

Putting Éric Zemmour’s ideas in the face of the drama that is playing out at sea

It is not by chance that the Toulousain opted for the Louvre: “Two years ago I installed in the same place a statue representing a migrant child under a shroud, I found it relevant to put Eric Zemmour and his ideas in the face of the drama that is playing out at sea. ”

The work of James Colomina,
The work of James Colomina, “the migrant”, was installed in the Louvre in 2019. (©James Colomina)

Installed on the side of the antiques galleries, Quai François Mitterrand, it will be necessary to act quickly to be able to benefit from it. The artist’s works never stay long in public space.

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