The FTX disaster at the cinema? Apple TV sees free rights to Sam Bankman-Fried

Book, series, film: FTX sells – When you told us that the Free and Amazon Series on the FTX Chute were “probably far from being the last on the subject”, we did not think so well to say. Neither fast too to be right ! No sooner had we released this information than the streaming service ofManzana announced it these are movies on the explosion of the empire of Sam Bankman Fried (SBF).

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Apple TV+ wants to make a movie of the book on FTX

After the series announced by Amazon, it is one of its competitors in streaming service, AppleTV+who also wants to surf the bad buzz from the platform FTX. As ZoneBourse reports, fans of sensational bloody stories to be beaten Literally to exploit this cataclysm that has hit the cryptosphere.

Barely Bestselling Author michael lewis announced that he would consider writing a book about Sam Bankman Friedthat Apple would already keep obtain exploitation rights. More specifically, cinematographic rights, to make a feature film.

It would be about a Seven digit amount to obtain these exploitation rights. Only one series is missing netflix and the announcement of a trilogy SBF? In any case, with the revelations the more scandalous you join them than you the others who chain in the FTX affair, there promises to be matter.

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