The first death in the UK comes from the dangerous new coronavirus Omi Crone

After the dangerous type of corona Omega Crown spread rapidly, the British corona alert level has been raised to above level 3.Photo: File

The first dangerous corona death in the UK came from Omi Kroon.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the first death of the Corona-Dangerous Omi Crown and said that the person infected with the Omi Crown has died.

In addition, the number of cases of close elderly women in the UK is increasing rapidly, and many people are receiving treatment in hospitals.

On the other hand, the spread of the new crown virus in the UK has also accelerated. In recent days, this deadly virus has been confirmed in thousands of people.

After the dangerous Corona Omi Crown spread, the Corona alert level was raised to level 3 or higher.

It is worth noting that Pakistan has confirmed the first case of the dangerous new coronavirus Omi Kroon, and the woman has also recovered.

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