The entry of the old lover in the marriage, forcibly fulfilling the demand of the bride

Strange incidents are seen and heard on the occasion of marriage in India and often in happy ceremonies the matter reaches to fights or killings.

According to Indian media, a similar incident has taken place in Gorakhpur area of ​​Andhra Pradesh where an uninvited guest at a wedding party created such a drama that everyone was left speechless.

According to the report, a wedding ceremony was going on in Gorakhpur and on the stage the bride and groom were ready to wear necklaces to each other when suddenly the old lover of the girl came on the stage and met the demand of the girl in a very movie style, only this No, the boy took out a bundle of vermilion from his pocket and poured a lot of vermilion on the girl.

According to Indian media reports, the whole incident happened so fast that no one including the groom understood anything but when the girl’s family found out they tried to catch the boy but he managed to escape. ۔

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