The dollar, pound, rial and euro rose sharply throughout the week

Rising import burden on Pakistan in Afghan crisis also weighed on rupee, experts (Photo: File)

Karachi: The US dollar, British pound, Saudi riyal and European euro currency strengthened in both foreign exchange markets last week, while the dollar remained at an all-time high in the interbank market and open market.

According to the weekly review of currency prices, the dollar rose by 33 paise to close at Rs 178.03 in the interbank market, while in the open market, the dollar rose by Rs 1.60 to Rs 181.50.

Similarly, the interbank rate of British pound increased by Rs 2.41 to Rs 236.96 while the value of British pound increased by Rs 1.20 to Rs 237.50 in the open market.

In the interbank market, the euro rose by 97 paise to Rs 201.52 while in the open market, the euro rose by 80 paise to Rs 202.50. Similarly, the value of Saudi Riyal in the interbank market increased by 7 paise to Rs 47.44 while the value of Saudi Riyal in the open market increased by 30 paise to Rs 47.85.

Experts say that during the weekly trading session, with the approval of ڈالر 200 million fund for Pakistan by the Asian Development Bank, the dollar rose to a limited level. The rise in oil prices has not stopped the flight of the dollar.

Experts said that the growing burden of imports on Pakistan in the Afghan crisis also affected the value of the rupee.

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