The doctor was punished for cutting off the wrong leg of the patient

The female doctor told the court that it was a human error, photo: file

An Austrian court has fined a doctor for amputating a patient’s wrong leg.

According to foreign media, in May this year, due to the negligence of the staff of an Austrian hospital, an elderly person had to suffer irreparable damage.

The 82-year-old patient had to have his left leg amputated due to an illness, but the doctor accidentally amputated his right leg and the error was diagnosed while the leg bandage was being replaced.

The case was decided by a local Austrian court yesterday, in which a 43-year-old female doctor (surgeon) was found guilty of negligence and fined 2,700 euros (Rs. 536,000).

The victim had already died before the trial began, so the court also ordered his widow to pay 5,000 euros (approximately Rs. 1 million) in damages.

The female doctor told the court that it was a human error and that she did not know how it happened, probably because of a breakdown of the chain of command in the operating theater.

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