The details of the prize money of the Asia Cup winner and runner-up teams have come out

The details of prize money of Asia Cup, winner and runner-up teams have come out

Dubai (Monitoring Desk) The Asia Cup has reached its end and Pakistani fans are heartbroken over the defeat of the green shirts in the final, but do you know how much prize money was to be given to the winner and runner-up team in the Asia Cup this time? According to “Daily Pakistan Global”, several media reports with reference to the authorities stated that this time the winning team was to be given an amount of 2 lakh dollars (about 4 crore 62 lakh rupees).

Similarly, an amount of 1 lakh dollars (about 2 crore 32 lakh rupees) was reserved for the second ranked team. Pakistan was also defeated by Sri Lanka in the Super Four stage and in the final too, the Sri Lankan team beat the green shirts and declared them winners.

It should be noted that Sri Lanka has won the Asia Cup title for the sixth time. Pakistan has so far won this tournament only 2 times and has been runner up 3 times. Sri Lankan team has been runner up 6 times. The Indian team has won the Asia Cup the most 7 times.

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