The cumulative number of new crowns in Africa exceeds 9 million, four waves of epidemic spread-

Four waves of epidemics in super-cumulative new crowns exceed 9 million

Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, December 16th. Reporter Wang Wangping’s African African Prevention Center released data on the 15th, showing that Africa’s new crown favorite is 33 33 9033788 2 33, and the cumulative deaths are 225,485 3, 872, 3

On the 9th, the Mimirong mutation spread, and the region surpassed propaganda to spread the new crown epidemic. In the new week of the 8th, 98,800 cases were increased, which was 88% compared with the previous wave.

The outbreak of the epidemic was officially announced on the 3rd of this month. The epidemic outbreak of this month was released by the Epidemic Research Institute on the 15th. According to data released on the 15th, there have been 54 new cases of new crown deaths in the past 24 hours, and a total of 90,226 deaths.

Due to the rapid and rapid decline in the number of new crown deaths in the country, the number of new crown deaths in the country has not increased correspondingly to the flu epidemic. ,like

This month, since the 6th of this month, 18 cases of Omilon strain infection have been discovered and new cases have been added since then. The 14 reports of the President of Namibia, Kobb, may enter the fourth wave. Namibia, on the 14th, there were 710 cases in the country, compared with the 6th, the number of new details was added. Details on the 14th, the national canyon was 4,134,154, and the total number of deaths was 3,579

In order to fight against wolves, the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention produces new crown pneumonia in Africa and achieves the goal of obtaining Wuhan Kengsen in various places in Africa. ,, Participate in the Austrian epidemic of opposing mutant mutant strains

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