The Cotentin. With his photographs, Michka redecorates the gastronomic restaurant of a hotel in Luxembourg.

Cotentinois photographer Michka traveled to Luxembourg to participate in the hanging ceremony of his photographs. (©Philippe CRINON)

It’s on. MachkaPhotographer based in Saint-Lo-d’Ouverville (Manche). Philip Caproninterior designer In charge of catering for Italian fine restaurants Sofitel Europe Luxembourg, Privacy The artistic part.

Takes pictures of Michka Boat holes And his Narrow frame And Bold Push Shipbuilding by theArtistic abstraction. It highlights the structure in the boats’ sails and the natural elements attached to them. The pattern becomes a Complete graphical language And frees himself from the identity of this subject.

Hulls of boats at Diélette

Measurement was essential to this order. Michka therefore surveyed the ports of the Cotentin.From Cherbourg to Regnéville, via Port Belle.

Since the photographer does not retouch his shots, his work is done before the shooting. She chooses boats whose hulls tell her a story.Her eyes hold meaning, thoughts and emotions, then she takes the time to create her image.

The artist observes. Abandoned boats in maritime cemeteries Or those awaiting care over the winter. In the process of structural change, the organic matter attached to the shells is involved.

If the amplitude of motion is absent, the boats are moving, His work integrates the dimensions of time in his vision.. It has pictures. Working memory of something that disappears.

His sensitive approach is more interested in and bears witness to holistic visual experiences than careful representation of subject matter.A sense of framing in the service of invention.

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Contrary to the conventions, which are usually applied to give photographic reproductions of boot hills a clearly recognizable image, Michka creates the impression of an abstract canvas that lets our imaginations wander.. The hull is disconnected, it becomes chimerical, and this is what seduced interior designer Philippe Capron.

one of the Difficulties It is hidden in this order Dimensions of the two photographs requested: 2 meters long by 50 cm wide.

It was from the second. Stick to the theme of the restaurantIn terms of both the color scheme and the name of the restaurant, Radicky. In fact, “Radici” means roots in Italian. A very earthy theme for this everyday marine artist!

It was finally in Delet that Machka found the ideal boat hull.. From Hull’s colors and materials, as well as light, a scene emerges, as the titles of his photographs suggest, and Philippe Capron has selected two of them.

From our correspondent Philip Crennan

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