The cockpit voice record of a military helicopter that crashed in India has been found

An Indian Air Force officer wrapped himself in cloth and carried helicopter parts.Photo: Indian media

The cockpit voice record of the helicopter of General Bipingrawat, Chief of Defense Staff, which crashed in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu yesterday, has been found.

According to the Indian news agency ANI, the investigation of the military helicopter that crashed in Tamil Nadu has made significant progress.

According to Indian media reports, the flight data recorder and cockpit recorder of the crashed helicopter have been found.

It is worth mentioning that India’s first chief of defense staff, General Biping Lavat, was killed in a helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu yesterday. His wife Madul Karawat and 11 other personnel were involved in the crash. Died, one of them was seriously injured and miraculously survived. She is undergoing treatment. hospital.

The Indian Air Force immediately blocked the site while investigating the helicopter crash, and Indian Minister of the Interior Rajnat Singh also notified Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the incident.

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