The cauchemar of Louis Palacios, declares death by mistake

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Louis Palacios is reported to have died at the police station. It does not have to be more than retroite, not more than a carte blanche or a promising conductor.

Louis Palacios, 74 years old, is scheduled for March 10, 2017. It is a ritual, but it is a rare day. At the beginning of the day, a certain sense of identity is revealed on a terrifying day by a certain Louis Palacios. Pour la police, pas de doute, c’est lui qui est décédé. Applying the administration, it does not exist. “If I don’t have a sort of puisque I don’t have a conductor. I am obliged to sell but I want to save a little bit “, explicit septuagenarian albigeois.

The tribunal, seul espoir

On the other hand, due to its administrative mortality, its pension is not more versatile and when the clause which is still alive, the administration is not yet conclusive. “On me dit: j’ai le papier de la mairie de Carmaux (Tarn) as quoi vous êtes décédés donc tant qu’il n’y a pas correction, je ne vous paie pas “, raconte-t-il. Dernier espoir for Louis Palacios, a judgment of justice, capable of resuscitating.

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