The bride fell asleep in the middle of the ceremony

Rituals on the occasion of marriage is a tiring affair due to which the bride and groom also get very tired and due to this the thief fell asleep during the ceremony after the bridegroom reached his father-in-law.

The video, which went viral on Instagram, suggests that the bride is from India, while it can also be seen that the bride is surrounded by ritual items according to Hindu tradition, and the groom is standing side by side.

The caption of the shared video states that this happens when it is 6:30 in the morning and the wedding ceremony is going on.

Interesting comments are being made on the post by the users and it is being speculated that this video will be of the time when the bride leaves and comes to the father-in-law and the family of the boy performs the ritual of showing her face.

Some people are also saying that the bride gets so tired at the wedding, the family should take care of her comfort.

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