The Beach Souillac team won the 5th Rallye Fénelon

(Presentation of the Pies de Fénelon Memory and Heritage Rally Trophy) (©DR)

This week October 29, 2022, Riley Fenelon 2022 The crew of Souillagais saw victory: Alain and Aline Mur, Daniel Delsol and Marie-rose Desongins. Their insight and knowledge of our region adds to our appreciation.

The fifth Fénelon Rally (Remembrance and Heritage Rally of the Pays de Fénelon) completed its 60 kilometers in 62 questions that led participants to discover the country, its history and its heritage. This inter-annual rally always takes place during the All Saints holidays. Participants ranged in age from 2 to 90 years.

Discovery of the Aenea Valley

After the Borrèze valley, Gignac, as in previous years, the 2022 rally departs to discover the Enéa valley and its beautiful panorama over the Dordogne valley.

The initiation was given in Calviac-en-Périgord under a blazing sun behind the castle of Fénelon and Bouriane. The Amicale Laïque de Calviac actively supported the launch at this early hour with the actual game, coffee and cake and lots of good humour.

A journey full of surprises

On the circuit, the crew discovered the Zoological Reserve and its curious and rare species, the saved Château du Serre, Saint-Nathaline and its very beautiful renovated church. Ascending the Aenea, its mills, then its tributaries, the crew crossed villages rich in slates and reached Selignac. Château des Salignac-Fénelon welcomes competitors to its esplanade for a well-deserved lunch break with a few puzzles. Hugo, son of the owner and curator Miriam, welcomed us all at his picnic table on the esplanade overlooking the Marche de l’Aquitaine that is Bourges Valley.

The rally continued its course through another tributary of the Aenea, passing through the fortresses of Prussian Rus and Masud. Along the Aeneas, the Château de St. Vincent has been under renovation for a long time and still has work to do. Then, under the nimble trowel of the Chateau du Paluel enthusiast that Étienne Cluzel is getting an express change.

Aenea takes us along the banks of the Dordogne and to Karsac with its beautiful St. Caprice church, then finally to Alac, the arrival point and the final mystery. Bouriane will remain out of reach for another time.

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The staff at Le Sequoir was welcomed by Patrick Bonifonde, Mayor of Carsac-Elac and President of the Community of Communes of the Fenelon, in this wonderful little performance hall in Elec. Road book commentary and visual corrections scroll through beautiful photos of the day. After that the results are announced and prizes are awarded to each of the participants.

The evening ended with a precious and warm drink of friendship from a rich and busy day.

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