Test flight of electric aircraft sets new history

Test flight of electric aircraft, new history made

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) Airplanes and vehicles are the biggest source of environmental pollution. Now eco-friendly electric vehicles are on the market, but electric airplanes are still in the preparation stages, but now it seems that we don’t have to wait much longer for electric airplanes either, because the world’s first electric airplane has completed its first test flight yesterday.

According to India Times, the name of this aircraft has been named Alice, the prototype of which started its first flight from the International Airport in Grant County, Washington State. According to the report, Elise is a 9-seater small plane which is the world’s first fully electric plane. It is developed by the company Aviation of Washington state. This aircraft will be suitable for passenger and cargo flights of 150 to 200 miles.

Alice’s first flight was not long. In this flight, the plane stayed in the air for 8 minutes and reached a height of three and a half thousand and then landed successfully. The purpose of the flight was to collect data to improve the design of the aircraft. The aircraft is still far from being ready for commercial flight.

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