Ternoa: major upgrade for its mobile wallet in view of the imminent mainnet

Ternoa is a French company that offers “layer 1” blockchain technology dedicated to encryption and secure data transmission. It is based on the use of the now famous NFTs that it has transcended through new original features.

Currently in the advanced Testnet phase, corrections and innovations follow one another for this future champion of the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Ternoa, a complete ecosystem dedicated to NFT

The promises have been kept. Since the launch of Testnet, users can finally get hold of the protocol and explore its functionalities. Thus, it is now possible to create your personal NFT marketplace and to “mine” its own original NFTs. An option that can be operated directly from your dedicated mobile wallet.

From your smartphone, the Ternoa mobile wallet provides access to the entire Ternoa ecosystem

A capability which further increases the control and efficiency of the NFT made-in-Ternoa solution. From now on, no need for a desktop computer. The whole process is accessible from your smartphone. Thus, since its launch, the mobile application allows you to strike (minter), protect, send or download your non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Two major developments for the Ternoa wallet application

Notable improvements in terms of ergonomics and design are regularly provided. But he also receives new features that promise to be decisive:

  • Access toux métavers. Your Ternoa wallet will allow you to connect to a third-party service. For example, an NFT held on the wallet could be the key to opening private rooms on AltspaceVR. Other VR platforms are also concerned.
  • Conversion of NFTs into capsules. Crucial step in its progress towards mainnet 2022. As a result, this new attribute will soon be managed by a dedicated Dapp.
Thanks to capsules and NFTs, Ternoa is creating a new standard for transgenerational transmissions using blockchain style.
Ternoa’s NFT capsules are infinitely editable

Without appearing to be, this is where the industrial stake of Ternoa is at stake. Indeed, the capsules should propel the NFTs in a whole new dimension. They allow users to add data to it as they go. They will then be transmitted when the time comes, in a completely private and secure manner.

NFT capsules, the ultimate version of non-fungible tokens?

The capsules are made to contain NFT that you will have the luxury of privatizing and conditioning. Issued on Ternoa, the network will ensure its control and inalterability. Indeed, the “Shamir” algorithm automates the split and distribution of secrets on different nodes. The result is perfect decentralization. Ultimately, only the recipient of the encryption keys will have access to it.

NFT capsules open up new horizons in the field of time transmission

One of the great qualities of this unprecedented technology is that it can be infinitely edited. Thus, over time, you will be able to add an unlimited number of elements to this real digital safe. By adding a transfer protocol, temporal conditions can be imagined. To date, the keys will be sent to its new owner. A transmission of sensitive data. A legacy, a declaration of love

Since its inception, the Ternoa project has been able to evolve and ride the NFT wave initiated in recent months. With stubbornness, the team strives daily to come up with a successful version of the protocol. Evidenced by the very fresh V2 of Testnet. It has no less than 50 structural improvements and 15 fixes. Notable progress as the Mainnet approach is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Until then, do not hesitate to test their improved wallet on Android Where on iOS. The Ternoa developer team is happy to help. She will answer all your questions on a dedicated discord channel:

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