Tarn. Thanks to Charlie we will know what the wild boars are doing and where they are going

Charlie is a young male of around forty kilos. (© Departmental Federation of Hunters of Tarn)

His name is charlie. Charlie at all. And he’s a spy. But he doesn’t even know it. Because he’s a wild boar. A young male of around forty kilos. The ideal candidate for a very special mission.

It took a long time to recruit him. Several of his fellows had been captured, but they did not do the trick, too small or too big. Until the recruiters get their hands on Charlie Sunday 12 December 2021.

A study on travel

Recruiters are the Tarn hunters. Charlie’s mission is to spy on the other boars. The name of the program: Via Fauna MiPy. A study by the Federation of Hunters of the Tarn in partnership with the Great Albigensian and the CNRS. Its goal: to observe the movements and behavior of wild boar in the department.

To play his role of spy, the young boar was equipped with a neon yellow GPS collar and of purple ear loops. Not enough to go unnoticed by his fellows, but after all James Bond is not very discreet either.

Follow Charlie on the internet!

The collar is programmed to give positions every 30 minutes from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. and a position every noon. The mission will last 168 days. The collar will not self-destruct, but it will come off automatically.

And by then, every week, the departmental federation of hunters will give the general public an assessment of Charlie’s movements through his Facebook page. As for the hunters, they are of course invited to do not “take” Charlie.

Also for future corridors

The study will therefore provide valuable data to understand the way of life of wild boars, which are moving closer and closer to urban areas. The agglomeration will also use this information, in particular to set up ecological corridors.

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