Summer through next year and next year 3

  (Fight against the new crown pulley) Pergola will be enforced in Yunnan from March next year

Berlin, Berlin, December 10 (Reporter Peng Da) Germany and the British House of Parliament and the population passed the Weiye on the 10th. From June to March 15th, the nursing staff of the National Crown Nursing Career are obliged to A

The number of newly-increased people released by the Robert Robert Institute for Disease Control and Prevention on the same day was 12,61,288 and 484, and the number of people on that day was 6,423,520, and each of them was 104,996. The cumulative number of new additions per day (cumulative on the day) is 413.7. The ICU acceptance rate has indexed the number of patients who need bathing treatment to add 4 new patients, the total number is 4947. Comprehensively consider 3 1.322 new 5770 new people, 4 69.4% of the country’s population

For the fourth wave of the outbreak of the co-living epidemic, the three national teams, the Green Party, the Green United Team, and the proposed Mongolians appeared together in the Party House. Those who work next year must be crowned.

Require outdoor activities on the day of the event on the day of the event, and also expand the prohibition on the activation and closure of leisure and leisure facilities in all states and states on the day of extensive activities.”

The German Minister Lauterbach’s Health Council said that the epidemic is the new most important one, “We will work hard.

He did it deliberately. It was caused by someone living in the Delta strain that day, which is exactly what Avoid Omi provided.

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