Suffering from multiple sclerosis Yoann went crazy about Minions and created the … Minionmobile!

Yoann Bordeaux discovered a mad passion for Minions since his multiple sclerosis turned his life upside down (© Laurent Rebours)

Parked in the quiet street of a small suburban housing estate in Nonvilliers-Grandhoux (Eure-et-Loir), the blue Citroën Picasso with yellow borders and clearly visible stickers does not fail to attract attention. Especially the one who dresses the bottom of the car, the Minionmobile du 28.

This minivan has indeed become for three years the new universe of Yoann Bordeaux, since he suddenly discovered that he was suffering from multiple sclerosis. A life that changes overnight with its share of suffering and low morale. The Minions allowed him to regain a taste for life and a thousand power!

“Morally, I did not accept it”

He sees Minions everywhere!
He sees Minions everywhere! (© Laurent Rebours)

Three years ago Yoann was an expert hardware salesman at Castorama in Vélizy (Yvelines). No warning sign of a pathology alerted him.

It was when he began to feel very tired and then regular troubles here and there that he became worried. Then begins the ballet of more and more detailed examinations, of theIRM to the lumbar puncture who delivers his verdict, he has multiple sclerosis.

Morally, it was an absolutely terrible blow, I did not accept it. In three weeks everything that made my daily life has been turned upside down. The body no longer follows, I have electric shocks regularly which run through my legs and cause violent spasms which dislocate my kneecaps for example.

Yoann BordeauxMinions enthusiast

For three years he has been increasing the sometimes heavy treatments such as these chemotherapy sessions every six months where he is infused for five to six hours.

He retook the driver’s license

The trunk is completely condemned but the front cabin is also seriously squatted by dozens of yellow creatures!
The trunk is completely condemned but the front cabin is also seriously squatted by dozens of yellow creatures!

His treatments, depending on his pathologies, took him to the hospitals of Chartres, from Tenon to Paris, from Garches or the Pitié Salpêtrière

To continue driving he retook the license but is confined to short trips.

Above all, he would like to find a car equipped with a Automatic box not too expensive and high like a minivan or a small utility because it moves with a Rolator.

He would also like to be able to rework, “a seated position in the packaging would be ideal for example”.

And the Minions punctuated his life

Not a square centimeter is unoccupied.
Not a square centimeter is unoccupied. (© Laurent Rebours)

The combination of this brutal illness followed by confinement had a surprising effect on the young man who simply became totally addicted to Minions.

These funny yellow characters appear in Me ugly and nasty in 2010 for an immediate planetary cardboard and sequel and prequels that will follow by making the franchise the most lucrative in the history of cartoons with 3.35 billion dollars!

I was not particularly a big fan of cartoons except when I was small but with the Minions it is clear that I became completely addicted! They are endearing, funny, convey emotions with their expressions, their voice …

Yoann Bordeaux
The original car of these Minions
The original car of these Minions (© Laurent Rebours)

Addicted is an understatement! Yoann is literally an absolute fan who can’t miss a spinoff release.

His room is occupied in the smallest square centimeters so he invested his car to make it a sort of mobile museum.

It must be said that he has also been passionate about tuning for years so there he married his two pet peeves.

2500 objects related to Minions including… 620 in the car!

No derivative product is missing.
No derivative product is missing. (© Laurent Rebours)

Yoann’s collection is pretty crazy. It has around 2,500 merchandising items “but my parents are getting a little fed up that I talk about Minion all the time!” “

He started the Minionmobile almost at the start of his illness by selling his old Peugeot 308 for a minivan more suited to his handicap.

Over the days it has literally metamorphosed by welcoming an incredible colony of yellow creatures in all forms. They are fixed so, of course, not to wander around in the passenger compartment.

Suffice to say that the entire trunk is condemned and that the rear seats are reserved for giant Minions. And the show also takes place at night since the whole car is illuminated with LEDs.

A good hearer!
A good hearer!

But in this tightly packed tribe there is still room to slip in his Rolator and, ultimately, an armchair. Yoann anticipates.

It’s crazy the craze around my car, people come to discuss with me, admire this collection, young and old. There are also the gendarmes who stop me … to take pictures!

Yoann Bordeaux

Board games, Lego®, clothes, utensils of all kinds, notebooks, ceramic candles, beans, figurines of all sizes, food… Yoann doesn’t let anything go and has the latest outings he finds delivered to his home.

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Donations are also made to him from people who have heard of his passion.

Even his prosthetist took to the game by making custom prostheses that reflect his passion.
Even his prosthetist took to the game by making custom prostheses that reflect his passion. (© Laurent Rebours)

In the coming months, start 2022, should release the last opus of the saga postponed for two years, Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru. Yoann cherishes the hope of accompanying one of the creators during a preview.

But in the meantime, his dream would be to be able to find a place of his own, like the hangar in the film. Taxi. “With this space I could store my car and be able to exhibit all around by highlighting the collection”.

For the Telethon he made key rings evoking his Minionmobile
For the Telethon he made key rings evoking his Minionmobile (© Laurent Rebours)
Convenient : if you want to get in touch with Yoann Bordeaux: / 07 71 57 22 63. His passion can also be found on his site.

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