Strange phenomena of nature in the skies of England

A tourist’s reflection in the skies of England’s District Lake [فائل-فوٹو]

England: Thomas Sowello, 39, felt as if a creature had appeared in the clouds. They were terrified when they saw this.

England’s main tourist attraction is the Lake District, with its lush green mountains and clear pools. Thomas came here with some of his friends on an adventure.

As they climbed the mountain, they overtook their friends, and as soon as their eyes fell on the sky, they felt a jolt of fear. At first he felt deceptive, but then he began to understand something. He was actually looking at his own reflection in the sky, which is one of the rare manifestations of nature.

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In it, a person’s reflection falls on the sky due to direct sunlight coming from behind. The rainbow came into being simultaneously with Thomas.

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