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Since 2001, we have helped more than 1,300 Quebec and Canadian companies find their group insurance product at the best price! We reiterate that we have access to all insurers in the industry, which allows us to offer you the best conditions available in the market according to your needs.

With all due respect to brokers, if the employer with group insurance wishes to reduce costs, well … it starts first and foremost with a reduction in the commission granted to brokers!

Since the appearance of the internet in our lives, it is increasingly easy (and economical!) To set up a group insurance plan online. . And since insurers provide businesses with the most comprehensive, simple and easy-to-use tools, the management of the group insurance program is greatly simplified. Our customer service and that of the insurance company in place are also there to support you.

As for the management of complaints, it is done by the employees directly with the account assigned to them. Financial institutions have also set up a customer service that responds specifically to questions from members of the employer’s administrative staff. Training, advice, recommendations, information… all these services are there, are there for them.

Since 2001, acts with employers and their employees as a premium comparator. Our team has both the knowledge and the notoriety, as well as significant negotiating power when it comes to dealing with insurers. This is one of the reasons why more than 1,300 Quebec companies do business with us.

It is not yesterday that we are working for you at reduced commission. Compared to our competitors, it is possible for us to obtain preferential rates. Why? Quite simply because we have worked very hard togain the confidence of Quebec financial institutions thanks to our business volume, our negotiating power and our way of doing things well, without forgetting of course the reduction in commissions.

Note that we represent all insurance companies offering group insurance for small businesses, throughout Quebec. With us, therefore, no conflict of interest since we do not favor any insurance company!

What are you waiting for take out your group insurance online at, especially when you know that it is considerably cheaper and faster? Yes, what are you waiting for to join the more than 1,300 companies that do business with us? No matter the size of your business, whether or not you have group insurance, our entire team is here to help and save you money.

Would you like to know how much it would cost to obtain group insurance for your business or simply compare it with your current plan? Submit an online quote here, it’s free since 2001.

Need to know more? Call us by dialing 1 855 230-6233.

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