Some of the common causes of baldness are:

Hair loss or baldness can occur at any age / file photo

It is true that men are more prone to baldness or hair loss than women.

But it is also a fact that both men and women can experience hair loss or baldness at any age.

There are various causes of hair loss, some of which are controllable.

So learn about the preventable causes of hair loss.

Excessive consumption of vitamin A

By the way, the lack of vitamins (such as vitamin D, vitamin B7) also causes hair loss, but excessive use of vitamin A in the form of supplements or drugs also accelerates the process of hair loss.

Our body needs 5,000 international units (IU) of vitamin A daily, while the amount in supplements ranges from 2.5 to 10,000 IU, so the risk of hair loss may increase, but the good news is that this vitamin This process can be stopped by stopping the consumption of excess amounts of

Stress or illness

Stress or an illness can also cause baldness.

People suffering from stress tend to lose hair very quickly, while the stress on the body due to an illness can also stop hair growth.

When the body is stressed, it releases hormones that damage the hair roots, which can lead to hair loss or even baldness.

This risk can be reduced by controlling stress, but it is not so easy, but it is necessary to consult a doctor in this regard.

Protein deficiency

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, too little protein in the diet results in hair loss, and this is why people who diet to lose body weight tend to lose hair faster.

You can easily increase the amount of protein in your diet with eggs, chicken and yogurt.

Iron deficiency

The American Academy of Dermatology has also identified iron deficiency as a cause of hair loss.

Iron deficiency also leads to anemia, which causes symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty breathing, or chest pain.

Doctors may recommend supplements or iron-rich foods (red meat, fish, green leafy vegetables like spinach, peas, dried fruits like apricots and apricots, and kale, etc.) to correct iron deficiency.

Thyroid disorder

Various thyroid problems can also cause hair loss.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people with thyroid disorders experience hair loss.

To prevent this, it is better to consult doctors who can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Body weight loss

According to experts, the loss of body weight also reduces the density of hair.

By the way, reducing body weight is beneficial for health, but it increases unnecessary stress on the body, which also affects the health of the hair.

If the cause of hair loss is weight loss, it can be prevented by normalizing the nutritional requirements of the body.


According to a study, various medications also increase the risk of hair loss.

Among them are blood thinners and blood pressure control drugs. If the hair loss is rapid due to the use of certain drugs, the doctor should be consulted for alternative drugs.

Hair styling

According to experts, difficult hair styles and treatments also increase the risk of baldness.

Tight tying of the hair, use of chemicals, hot oil treatments or others can damage the hair roots and stop their growth.

In this regard, experts advise to avoid such styles and treatments while using conditioner after shampooing the hair.

Habit of breaking hair

If you habitually pull and break your hair, know that doing so is harmful.

Hair that is pulled and broken does not grow back, so avoiding this habit can reduce the risk of hair loss.


Hair density decreases with age and if not taken care of, the risk of male pattern baldness also increases.

After the age of 50 it becomes more important to take care of hair moisture and avoid excessive styling.

Use of steroids

Many people use steroids to build muscle which can be harmful to hair.

If the hair loss is very rapid, stopping the use of steroids may improve the situation.

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