Sold for 28 2,800 instead of 28 284,495 by mistake

The multi-million dollar NFT masterpiece was mistakenly sold for just 28 2,800 and again sold for ست 227,000. Photo: CNN

Washington: A masterpiece NFT valued at approximately 28 284,495 sold by mistake for only 28 2,800 because its value could not be accurately calculated under cryptocurrency.

NFT refers to digital assets that fall under cryptocurrency. It sells and buys digital art and video samples with full proprietary rights. In this regard, there are thousands of NFT items manufactured by the Board App Yat Club which are bought and sold in Ethereum cryptocurrency.

A user named Max Knott mistakenly posted the price of NFT as 75 Ethereum instead of 75 Ethereum, but the strange thing was that it was immediately purchased thanks to an automated system and thus much less than its original price. But this NFT was sold.

Max Knott said he listes several NFTs a day and is distracted by the loss, but then the buyer immediately resold it for 59.99 Ethereum, or 22 227,558. According to Max Knott, he realized his mistake as soon as he clicked, but an automated bot immediately bought it and snatched it.

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