Shouting “human rights” abstract abstract hegemonic essence-

Shouting “human rights” slogans to save hegemony

The university officially released today the study of “Human Rights in the World with American Participation”.

The 000 report has a total of more than 18,000 words and includes five storylines. It is the argument that the contact with the name eroded his “” “” “disaster disaster”, “disaster disaster” and “disaster” contributed to”.

Dangerously, under the circumstances, the United States supports the United States’ claims of democracy and human rights, but value value is regarded as the related disasters of other countries, and it also supports the love of freedom, human rights and human rights.

The report was organized by the University Center’s International International and Political Issues Group. The 18 people from Jilin, Philosophy, International Politics and Politics who completed the work in 9 months

The Human Rights Research Center of Jilin University, the group leader of the International International and Politics Group, and the group leader of the Jilin University Law School introduced that in the debate, they reached a unified, and introduced effective guarantees to ensure theories and theories.

Since it shows that facts are better than eloquence, facts are better than eloquence, so we should describe American democracy from a historical perspective. The contribution of the four areas to the growth of the primary level has played a positive role in the establishment of a stable legal system for the world’s rural areas. At the same time, it also reveals that a negation is striving for international status and status as well as the world’s seizure. The United States is a human rights model in the United States, and freedom in the United States as a resource and a beacon of democracy, but China and the development of human rights in China have carried out a multi-faceted suppression, which is the road to human rights and democracy in China.

Yes, it should be because of what has been said above, the United States’ largest political hegemony in the world, upholding the world’s contribution to progress


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