Serial problems on the new ASICs from Bitmain

Serial problems on the new ASICs from Bitmain

Just a bad batch? – The society Bitcoin Compass Mining isn’t really happy with the latest ASIC delivery she just received from bitmain. The teams of the cryptocurrency mining specialist have noted several significant defects on the ant miners Which she commissioned recently and wants to avoid both the builder and the community. While the price of Bitcoin seems to want deliver upward, now is not the time to cut production. Let’s take a look at after-sales service.

No Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) on new Antminers from Bitmain

Last week, Bitcoin Compass Mining Where I posted an article on the site to review the issues I found with them ant miners Pair of S19 90T and S19 XP products bitmain. The first encounter concerns the absence of Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) which normally allows communication with the three hashboard separately

So, if one unit fails, the other two don’t work either. And that’s exactly what happened with the S19XP 141TH who stopped mining when only one card stopped. This problem wastes time and money for miners who see production capacity decrease at the slightest technical problem.

Bitcoin Compass Mining ahead of hardware changes community from Bitmain- source: Twitter

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An inappropriate aluminum plate on the printed circuits

We continue the list of design flaws with printed circuit board (PCB in English) itself which is problematic. In addition, the PCBs are multilayered, but the new series features an aluminum monolayer support. And this does not fit:

“This change increases the overall trace density, which increases the likelihood of producing an irreparable broken or blown trace, as I confirmed with the entertaining Compass techs at Bitmain. These materials save costs, but result in poor heat transfer due to aluminum and component clutter on a single PCB layer. »

In addition, the unchanged structure of the chassis reinforces this heating problem and therefore poses a problem.

Serial problems on the new ASICs from Bitmain
Bitmain’s ASICs have some issues according to Bitcoin Compass Mining

The chassis now also poses problems with overheating

The technicians from Bitcoin Compass Mining Have also noticed that the new aluminum structure causes a rise in heat. Therefore, it needs a cooldown for the larger air and therefore spawns force a furrow.

But to use this new hardware despite everything, they recommend the use of a little additional software. It will allow “machine frequency and voltage to maintain reasonable temperature and humidity levels to achieve longer machine life. »

The miner acknowledges that this may just be the first batch of new production which often has flaws. “Unknown errors are often only revealed over time, so it’s best for others to discover themselves first”, they said. Unfortunately, it fell on them! Bad times for Bitcoin Compass Mining which will also face a tax hike if the Biden administration completes his projects.

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