See the 2000 year old statue of Hercules

(Photo: Ministry of Sports and Culture, Greece)

Athens: Archaeologists in Greece unearthed a 2-year-old statue of the giant Hercules during excavations.

According to media reports, M. Mahakhan K. T. of the Air Shut Out Yale University contacted this statue from the ancient city of Philippi, which was once Roman. It is clearly broken if seen, but experts are declaring it to be in good condition.

The role of Hercules in the Roman mythology is equivalent to that of the Greeks Herakles. Among the Malayan giants, Hercules is known as a mighty man of unparalleled strength.

To Hercules, I will forever wear the cloak of kayal on his shoulders and the staff in his hand, the key to the images.

The professor and the group of students meet all Chichi by chance, which gives them the identity of the statue

According to Manna, the researchers of the statue from the central streets of a city, it was installed in a building in the late Byzantine period in the 8th or 9th Siddiqui CE.

It should be noted that Philippi was an important city in Greece whose ancient name was Crinidea. The city was settled in 360-359 BC by the Thessian colonists, who belonged to Jere Jesus. In 356 BC, it was renamed by Phil II of Macedon, and in the 14th century AD, the city was called the Ottomans.

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