second marriage dispute; The wife pushed the husband from the fifth floor

— Photo: Gulf News

Dubai: For refusing to divorce the second wife, the first wife pushed her husband down from the fifth floor balcony.

According to Gulf News, the deceased was a pharmacist and had come home on vacation after working in another country outside of Egypt. Since the first wife had her husband’s second marriage, there was a conflict between the two.

According to the details, on the day of the incident, the first wife of the deceased called her father, brothers and some ‘thugs’ to the house to force the second wife to divorce and also brutally tortured the husband.

According to the report, when he refused to divorce his second wife, they threw him from the fifth floor balcony in front of his son.

The victim is said to have been working out of Egypt and had returned to the country for a holiday. The victim’s family accused his daughter-in-law and her family of killing his son after torturing him to divorce his second wife and sign some papers in favor of the first wife.

They said that after surrendering to their demands, the victim was thrown from the balcony and then they took her body to the hospital and alleged that she had committed suicide.

However, on interrogation, conflicting statements of the victim’s wife and her family came out, raising the suspicion of the police. The report added that after questioning, he confessed to killing her.

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