Saji Sunori reached out to distribute leftover food among the poor

A beautiful woman adorned with jewels reached the railway station of Calcutta to save the food left over from the wedding ceremony from being wasted. Photo: Indian Media

Sisters are not only at the forefront of the brother’s wedding ceremony but also the eyes of all the guests are fixed on their sisters more than the groom due to various customs and traditions.

But even today there are some women who do not forget the poor and needy even on such an important occasion as their brother’s wedding People also have a passion for doing good.

A similar incident took place recently in the Indian state of Bengal, where a well-dressed and well-groomed woman arrived at the Calcutta railway station to save food left over from the wedding.

Pictures of the bride distributing leftover food to the poor at her wedding have been shared on Facebook by an Indian photographer and the photographer has named the woman Papia Carr.

Explaining the details of the woman, the Indian photographer said that Papia Car performed this charity work on the occasion of her brother’s wedding which is being appreciated by internet users.

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