Saint-Brieuc: Nicole Pouloin collects owls

Nicole Poulouin is proud to present part of her collection of owls. © Sylviane Mauviel

Nicole Poulouin’s dining room looks like a museum where many models of owls are exhibited. It all started on December 23, 1990 during a sports trip to Saint-Omer (Hauts-de-France).

“While walking in the street of the center, I had spotted a small owl covered with enamels. She caught my eye and I rushed into the store to buy it, ”says Nicole. “It was my first acquisition without really thinking at the beginning that I would start a collection. “

A hundred owls are watching him

Then, one thing leading to another, with each movement, trips, walks, Nicole flashed on all kinds of owls. Whether in wood, granite, porcelain, fabric, ebony, marble, lead, metal, wire …

This is how she became a hululophilist. His relatives have got into the habit of bringing him back from their travels various models from countries they crossed: Greece, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Balearic Islands, Argentina … each more magnificent than the next. Its collection has grown: it now has around 150 different ones. Some are very original, like that of Callac, very large in wood.

The goddess of wisdom

Each owl has its own story and new arrivals, always welcome, find their place in the shelves and windows of the house. Those close to Nicole got caught up in the game and are looking for, what the better, the most sophisticated and the most colorful.

“When I get bored and dust them off, it reminds me of good times spent with people and in certain circumstances. “

Nicole, who studied Latin and Greek at Renan High School, researched the mythological significance of this animal: in Greek mythology, the owl is one of the symbols of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. A virtue that does not fail him.

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