Rising electricity, cooking oil and diesel prices

According to the data released by the Bureau of Statistics, in the last one year, cooking oil has become 61%, petrol 44%, diesel 35%, electricity 75%, ghee 58%, mustard oil 55% and red pepper 33% more expensive.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, weekly inflation fell by 0.07 per cent to 18.5 per cent, with live broiler chicken falling by Rs 25 and LPG cylinders by Rs 71. Nine items, including tomatoes, sugar and wheat flour, became cheaper. Prices of various pulses including dal mash increased by Rs. 4 to 7 per kg. Last week, prices of 23 essential commodities remained stable while inflation for those earning less than Rs 18,000 per month reached almost 20 per cent.

Last week, 19 essential items became expensive and 9 items became cheaper. Prices of lentils, gram, mash, lentils, onions, cooking oil increased while prices of chicken, tomato, potato, sugar, jaggery, flour, eggs and LPG declined. According to the report, live broiler chicken became cheaper by Rs 25 per kg. The price has come down from Rs 233 to Rs 208 per kg.

Meanwhile, tomatoes became cheaper by Rs 13. The price has gone up from Rs 98 to Rs 85 per kg. Potatoes became cheaper by an average of Rs. 3 per kg. The price was reduced from Rs 59 to Rs 56. LPG cylinder became cheaper by Rs. 71, the average rate was Rs. 2416 to Rs. 2345. Sugar became cheaper by Rs. 1 per kg and prices went up from Rs. 92 to Rs. During the period, prices of 23 essential items remained stable.

According to the statistics agency, the prices of various pulses increased by Rs 4 to 7 per kg last week. Pulses became more expensive at Rs. 6 per kg with a record price of Rs. 194 per kg. Pulses became more expensive by Rs. 4 per kg and crossed Rs. 152 per kg. Similarly, the price of dal mash also went up by Rs 7 per kg from Rs 254 to Rs 261 per kg. The price of dal mung increased by Rs 4 to Rs 170 per kg. Onion became expensive by 64 paise per kg and the average price was recorded at Rs. 39 per kg.

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