Rise after a slight decline in the price of gold

Gold prices fell sharply to ڈالر 12 an ounce in global markets. Pakistan lost Rs 100 per tola of gold.

According to the Saraf and Jewelers Association, the price of gold per tola in Pakistan increased by Rs 250 to Rs 124,450 on Saturday, while 10 grams of gold rose by Rs 215 to Rs 1,06,696.

In the last week of October in Pakistan, gold had reached a record level of Rs. 132,000.

World gold prices rose ڈالر 13 an ounce to 8 1,784.

The price of silver in the country is Rs. 1460 per tola and Rs. 1251.71 per 10 grams. Silver fell by ڈالر 0.61 to 22 22.27 an ounce.

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