Reproduce the “action” measures of Omi Keron surgery——

(Strike a new slide) Reproduce the story of Omick against “magic”

Dec. 18, reporter Yang continued to get, Phnom Penh intelligence control, Olympiad said it will not affect

The new students reported on the 18th that 5 new cases were reported on the national tour of the crown champion, 11 new discharged cases, 2 new cases, and 1 new case.Yi 120,400 cases, a total of 0.6 11.67 cases, and 3,003 deaths

25-year-old Iranian nationality, going to go, departure from the 11th and 14th of the month, departing from the airport and bordering Thailand, and entering the Golden International on the 16th of December

At the beginning, the airport, quickly, formed a profound acceptance of the reaction sample of the research institute, and tested

The first case is a Czech voter who is 23 years old and 23 years old. After returning to China on December 12, he returned to China from Hou Mick.

On the 18th, William Hunson kept the crowd to Okeron, and there was.

Hong Hong, the original transmission of the crown epidemic has not ended, and the local publicity activities have ended

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