Priyantha Kumara’s national honorary funeral in Colombo

Sri Lankan citizen Priyantha Kumara, who was brutally killed in the Sialkot massacre, rested in Colombo with national honor.

The victim’s mother and family were distraught and called Priyansha’s death a huge tragedy.

The 34 defendants involved in the murder of Priyansha Kumara have been released in the Lahore Forensic Science Laboratory. The defendants are undergoing forensic tests and will also undergo photographic tests.

The face of the person in the video will be carefully checked.

In addition, a delegation of lawyers from the Supreme Court, led by Senator Ali Zafar, visited the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka.

Senator Ali Zafar said that the Supreme Court will appoint a lawyer to oversee the Priyansha case.

Event background

On December 3, Priyantha Kumara, the non-Muslim Sri Lankan manager of the Sialkot sportswear factory, was attacked by factory workers for allegedly tearing up religious posters. roof.take

The guards in the factory failed to stop this bloody cruel game. The workers in the factory threw the factory director from top to bottom, then dragged the body out of the factory to the square, beat him with a stick, kicked him, and set him on fire. .

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