Private Bank Gold Scam, Details sought from 27 money exchange companies

Imitation gold was kept in lockers, properties and cars were bought by selling real gold of consumers. Photo: File

Karachi: The FIA ​​Anti-Money Laundering Circle has sought details from 27 money exchange companies in connection with the private bank gold scam investigation.

The FIA ​​Anti-Money Laundering Circle has sought details of money transactions of 14 accused including 11 women named in the gold scam fraud of a private bank across the country.

The letter has been sent to money exchange companies of Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujarat and Peshawar. Details have been sought from 3A category and 24 B category money exchange companies.

In the letter, it is said that the details of the foreign currency purchase and sale of the accused in the 3 cases should be provided. The said cases have been registered against private bank employees and private persons. The details of acquisition should be given, if any remittance has come from a foreign country, its details should also be provided, remittance of foreign currency abroad or other financial information should also be provided.

According to the case, the accused replaced the jewelery and gold of the customers in the private bank with fake gold. The accused sold the original gold to various persons and bought properties and vehicles with the proceeds.

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