Presented resolution of important demands related to local government system in Karachi All Stakeholders Conference

At the Karachi All Stakeholders Conference, important demands regarding the local government system …

Karachi (Daily Pakistan Online) A resolution was tabled at the Karachi All Stakeholders Conference on important demands regarding the local government system. The resolution said that Sindh Local Government Act 2013 is in conflict with Article 140 of the Constitution.

The text of the resolution of Karachi All Stakeholders Conference said that local government should be empowered in Sindh Local Government Act, Water and Sewerage Board, Building Control Authority should be subordinated to Local Government Councils, Transport, Health and Development Authority should also be made Local Government Councils. The PFC has not been held for the last 15 years. The Financial Commission Award should be given constitutional and legal protection in the style of the National Financial Commission. Local bodies should be made financially empowered.

The resolution demanded that the local councils should have the right to collect the taxes collected, that the bulk of the property tax and motor vehicle tax should be spent on the council concerned, and that the mayor of the metropolitan corporation should be directly elected.

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