Political parties or independents will be able to contest elections only in the panel, Punjab Local Bodies Ordinance issued

Age limit has been fixed for mayors, councilors and youth candidates in Punjab local body elections.

According to the Punjab Government’s Local Government Ordinance, local body elections will be held by secret ballot. There will be a joint panel of mayors, deputy mayors and councilors. Those who do not give will not be able to contest elections.

Under the ordinance, a candidate with a simple majority will be successful. The minimum age for councilor candidates has been fixed at 21 years and for mayors and deputy mayors at 25 years. ۔

According to the ordinance, elected members will be required to take oath of membership within 60 days of the date of the first meeting of the council.

Under the ordinance, Panchayat Councils and Community Councils will consist of 5 members, no elected member of the local body will be a member of these councils, members will be nominated for 2 years.

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