Plan B season 4: Pier-Luc Funk will star

No, you did not dream. Yes, you read that right! Not only Plan B will be back for a fourth season, but it will feature Pier-Luc Funk. Louis Morrissette confided in Stephanie Nolin for Showbizz.net about the new season: ” We’re shooting this spring “, did he declare.

He then explains to Stéphanie Nolin how the fourth season was actually to be the third: “ We couldn’t do it in times of Covid, because there are too many reconciliations, too many things that we couldn’t do – brawl, love, more difficult sexual contacts – we couldn’t cheat, so that. is good that we can reverse these two seasons ».

« It’s different! The first three Plan B were someone requesting the services of Plan B. What if someone ended up in a Plan B without having requested it? There it changes the dynamic, because you do not understand anything that happens to you », He concludes.

Recall that the third season arrived on October 27 and it features Anne-Élisabeth Bossé.

Are you going to watch season 4 of Plan B?

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